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Frequently Asked Questions
What happens in
The counselling session is a safe space for you to explore the issues that you are struggling with.  Sometimes it is difficult to speak about those things that seem unspeakable, so it may take time for you to be able to be open and to trust me, and I can appreciate those feelings. 

Counselling can cause difficult emotions to surface, and may be a painful process at first.  I do not offer advice, but seek to offer a different perspective, and challenge your thinking patterns or feelings, aiming to create a greater sense of self-awareness, and ultimately self-acceptance.

What will the first session be like?
The first session is an  assessment session.  I will get to know you and your reasons for seeking counselling, and you will have the chance to get to know me a little better. 

I will take some basic information from you and talk about counselling, the way I work and  confidentiality.  At the end of this first session, we can decide if we would feel comfortable working together.
How many sessions will I need?
This is entirely up to you.  I am willing to see you for as many sesssions as you feel you need.  It does take at least a few sessions to get to know each other and to understand what you are experiencing and what you are looking for. 

It will be useful for us to review our work regularly to see how we are doing, and to find out your views on ending or continuing.
How do I end counselling?
I trust your feelings about how the work is progressing, and I encourage you to be open with me when you feel you are coming to an end. 

Ideally, I like to have at least one weeks notice of your end date so that we can have time to pay attention to the process of counselling, and to discuss what has been useful, or what has been difficult for you, and where you feel you have come to compared to when you began.